I'm excited to say that I'm about to start gigging again. I'm going to be doing some solo and duo work soon with an amazing musician, Brian Prindle, and I'm pretty close to launching a new honky-tonk band. This has been a long term process that I've been working on with stellar steel guitarist, Harry Teachman, but we're really close. More news on that to come.

The music scene here in southern, MA is very spread out, but vibrant. Locally there's a terrific venue in Fall River, MA called, The Narrows. They bring in a ton of roots-based acts. Also, lots of clubs feature local live music like The Bayside Lounge, Buzzards Bay Brewing, The Running Brook Winery year round, and in the summer live music is everywhere.

On the songwriting front, western PA's, The Allegheny Drifters released a new album with Blue Ridge, the song that I co-wrote with Bob Artis and I've been getting serious inquiries from other artists whom I admire. I also have a new collection of songs that I might record in a year or so.

Thanks for visiting. Please come back again.